Tuesday, December 30

2014 in review

a new job for jeremy.
2 new temples in arizona (gilbert + phoenix).
2 california trips (that included both of us. j had a few more for work + a couple to colorado).
another softball season in the books.
sister + brother in law + niece sealing in the new gilbert temple.
a new niece.
another mexican vacation.
girls trip to vegas for justin timberlake.
a blog post published on striving onward.
a pregnancy.
4 years of marriage.
2 years in our house.
lots and lots of asu games.
pregnant sister, due 3 weeks before me.
a wedding.
first timers to seattle.
baby girl + baby boy

i read something the other day, about 2014 being the hardest year of someone's life, and i wondered if i should say the same. the hardest year of my life. it feels a little dramatic, but i don't think it makes it less true. when you come out on the other side of a really hard thing, you sometimes forget about all the stuff that was in the middle.

as i was flipping through pictures the other day, i found one that i'd taken of all my medications. i sat there and stared at what this year has put us through and realized that i'd already started to forget. that seems odd, because it was so life altering and consuming and challenging, but here i sit. pregnant with two sweet babes who have no idea how much their parents love them, or how hard we fought for them. and what good would it do me to dwell on all that stuff in the middle?

the hardest year of my life.

at this point in my 24 years of existence, i think i can say that.

and yet the hardest year of my life has also been the most edifying. the most eye-opening. the most valuable. funny how that works.

and so i send off 2014 with a thanks-for-everything-but-i'll-take-it-from-here. i can't wait to see all that 2015 has in store for us, but mostly jeremy and i just want to meet our babies and be a family of four. and who knows, maybe this time next year, i'll have a new hardest year of my life. i hear that two kids thing can be a little crazy ;]

cheers to 2015!

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Jamie said...

I can so relate to this. The last several years have been a roller coaster ride going mostly down hill and then this year we've been showered with blessings. A good lesson in remembering to keep the faith and be grateful at all times. Love you.

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